2nd July – 9th August 2019


2nd July – 9th August 2019


2nd July – 9th August 2019


2nd July – 9th August 2019


2nd July – 9th August 2019

Count down to a Fun Summer









Developed and run by early childhood specialists, Camp Woodland will engage, challenge and inspire your child through our multi-activity programme. Set within the outstanding Woodland Pre-Schools indoor and outdoor play spaces, each week your child will have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities: water play, cooking, construction, art, music, sport, games and much more. Children will be immersed in a world of amusement, adventure and imagination, where they will learn new skills though play and develop new friendships.

Camp Woodland is open to all children aged from 2 years 8 months to 6 years.

For Babies and Toddlers Summer Programme, please click here.

Event Weekly Theme

This year Camp Woodland will take your child on an adventure around the world. Each week we will visit a new country and experience the culture of six differing nations: Australia, Hawaii, England, France, Kenya and India.

Theme 1 : Australia

Theme 2 : Hawaii

Theme 3 : England

Theme 4 : France

Theme 5 : Kenya

Theme 6 : India

Choose Your Locations

Our schools are in prime locations across Hong Kong Island with easy transport links and bus services provided. Each school is unique in its space, design and atmosphere and has an individual offering for your child.

Montessori Academy

(Caine Road)

Montessori Pre-School

(Repulse Bay)

Beachside Pre-School

(Repulse Bay)

Happy Valley Pre-School

Harbourside  Pre-School


Kennedy Town Pre-School

Sai Kung Pre-School

Pokfulam Pre-School

Sample Weekly Timetable

Through tailored, fun activities and games, your child will be immersed in the history, food, dance and environment of different cultures. From tasting pizza in Italy to discovering the marsupials of Australia, each child will come home brimming with knowledge and excitement from a day of exploration.

Please note this is a sample timetable of what you can expect.  All schools will design their own based on a similar format. Special activities may include: Discos, Themed Parties, Special Visitors, Scavenger Hunt, Picnic on Beach and more.

I take this opportunity to thank you and the entire team at Woodland Kennedy Town for the great learning & support provided to my son. We sincerely appreciate the fantastic teachers, staff & curriculum at Woodland. Aarav is going to miss his lovely school.

Sushmita Chandrawat

This is quite overdue but I wanted to thank you for all the good times at Woodland Caine Road for both Lizzy and Anna. I’m glad to report that Lizzy and Anna are getting on well at their school in Shanghai. I’m also very glad to say that Lizzy managed to get into the Perse Pelican school in Cambridge for next year, so kudos to you and all your colleagues for all the stimulation and development that helped that happen!  There was quite a bit of competition, so it’s a great relief. All the best.

Stephen Kennedy

Woodland Sai Kung is a wonderful setting and that Laurie has very much enjoyed his time there. His little smile when he leaves tells me everything I need to know with this regard.

Jade Scott

In the two years at Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori, our son, Kachin, has grown tremendously in knowledge, confidence and social skills thanks to Woodland’s nurturing, loving, and talented team.  Kachin formed strong attachments to his teachers and looked forward to seeing them every day. Woodland has provided him with strong building blocks for reading, mathematics, and Mandarin in a fun and loving environment, and has helped deepen his curiosity and desire to learn more. We could not be more pleased with Kachin’s experience.

Holly and Marc Parich

My heartfelt thanks to you for all the help, guidance and leadership you have provided over the years we have had a very happy association with Woodland Peak. Dylan and Donnie have both loved their time with you and the excellent teachers they have been lucky enough to experience. Amazing memories of our family, just so sad to be saying farewell. You run a very special school and you represent it wonderfully.

Debbie Pomson

You will be hard pressed to find a learning environment that is as fun, caring and as educational as this. Our daughter has been at Woodland Beachside for two years and we could not have asked for more. Ms. Tracey is the heart of the school and from the welcome each morning to the individual photos they thought you might like to see, your child is treated like of their own. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a home away from home.

Danielle Buckley

It is with the fondest memories and well wishes that we part with Woodland Montessori Academy. I have only the highest regards for the teachers and staff and will recommend without hesitation to anyone expressing interest in your facility. In particular, I would like to thank Miss Tita for being my little boy’s confidante and role model, and Ms. Lisa for performing her magic bringing Samuel from a non-speaker to a confident Mandarin “singer”. The two teachers and children make the Mallards a happy place my son looks forward to joining every morning. I know he will sorely miss his Woodland family and will forever be a proud Mallard. Thank you and the office staff for all you do, being an early years educator is the hardest and the most important job in the world, and you all make it look effortless.

Chih & Patrick Hale

Following our great experience with Woodland Scenic Villa and at Wah Fu (Woodland Pokfulam) with our elder son Samuel, we are so pleased that Matthew gets to spend his early years at Woodland Kennedy Town amongst a wonderful team of staff and his little friends. Excellent work by the Woodland Kennedy Town team. Thank you all so much. For sure he’ll miss it all when he leaves.

Anne Pang

Thank you for such a great school year! All my kids love going to Woodland Harbourside and they’ve had a great year. It’s always so nice to see you whenever I go to the school. We will miss you and Harbourside so much. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication and for making school such a wonderful experience for my kids this year. Have a wonderful summer!

April Johansee