Event Weekly Themes

This year Camp Woodland will take your child on an adventure around the world. Each week we will visit a new country and experience the culture of six differing nations: Australia, Hawaii, England, France, Kenya and India.


Jumping with kangaroos is a fun thing to do, but playing in the ocean can also be too!  Run a race with a dingo or two, we’ll create aboriginal paintings one for me and one for you!  The Sydney Opera House is the place to be, we’ll show off our musical talent with a 1, 2, 3!  Taste test some classic Australian treats, some of which might just be sweet!  We’ll pitch a tent in the open outback, now go and get ready it’s time to pack! 


Splashing in the water, playing in the sand, let’s explore the magic of Hawaii island! From learning the hula and exploring sea life, we’ll make shaved ice, oh what a colourful sight.  We’ll make flower leis and tall palm trees and do the limbo in the warm summer breeze.  Grab your sunglasses and check the clock, come join us this week to see some volcanic rocks! 


Big Ben has chimed and it’s time to start, we’re about to begin our very next part!  We’ll visit the Queen for scones and tea and make royal crowns for you all to see!  We’ll build London Bridge big and tall, then march over it like palace guards hoping we don’t fall!  We’ll learn to courtesy and bow, if you’re ready join us now!   


“Oh la la” is what you may say, when you visit France these next 5 days!  We’ll sample pastries, pizza and cheese, but don’t forget we must always say please!  The Eiffel tower is tall as can be, but can we build it taller than a tree?  The Seine river is a beautiful sight, so we’ll paint it filled with lots of sunlight!  The flag is a combo of red, white and blue, to make our own we’ll need extra strong glue!  If you’d like to make music in our campus band, join us now in this fabulous land!


Elephants, lions, giraffes galore!  Grab your binoculars, there’s so much to explore!  We’ll follow the beat on the drum and learn a dance to make it rain, then get crafty making necklaces that most definitely are not plain.  We’ll search for more animals in the hot desert sun and when we find them we’ll cool down with splashing water fun!


Colours are a big part of this week, come help us find them as we play Hide and Seek!  We’ll make a flag using our hands and smell spices from this aromatic land.  We’ll learn yoga poses like mermaid and tree, then make tasty treats using chickpeas! Henna art is a beautiful sight, and Diwali is the festival of lights!  Join us this week and you’ll twirl, spin and move, as we Bollywood dance into the groove!